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iPhone 4 - Dock, Adaptors and Bumpers


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I really cant believe there are some people here who are willing to pay £25 for those bumper things. They don't do anything in terms of protection, the phone looks better without them and they're at least £15 more than they should be for what they are :confused:


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Nice to see they're available but not a nice price. £25 for a rubber/plastic band thingy. That is a complete joke. There will be better and cheaper options available in the coming weeks that actually protect your new toy.


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Nearly every screen shot of orders on here has a black bumper in the basket... madness!

As you cant order the white one yet, they're all getting the black one with a black band how borning its that. Surely it will just look like a posh black paper weight! as you wont be able to see any if the nice steel detail round the edge!!


I bought one as i have no idea if its any good or not, and seeing as i just hit buy on a £600 phone £25 is nothing, plus i think it looks good. :rotfl:

You never know, if i fit it and drop it 10 mins after it may save me alot of money.
I know im an idiot and its probably not worth it, but whever has official apple stuff actually been worth the money ?

There will be better Japanese knock offs soon enough, but for now it will do me.


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Forget £15 for a rubber band.

# Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable [+ £15.00]

I've got 3 which I bought for less than £5 delivered over the years.

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