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Iphone 4 and my 3 options


Established Member
Ok basically I saw the price of the iphone 4 and my wallet had a heart attack £600 seems way to much money.

I have spent the rest of the day thinking about my options and would like some advice if possible.

Option 1: I have a 3G 16gb at the moment but it is broken. I have been to Apple and they have kindly agreed to replace it for the small sum of £140:eek: Not sure that i want to pay £140 and get another 3G 16Gb back.

Option 2 Take my £600 and buy an ipad. Then go and get a free phone with an 18 month contract probably something like the HTC Desire

Option 3 Stump up the cash and get a new iphone 4.


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What the best option is is clear. Probably to stear clear of Apple all together lol, you don't need an iPad so you could either go for the 3gs or get a diff phone altogether.

If it means so much to you front up the cash and enjoy the iPhone and try not to break this one :p


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Option 1 - Will they fix the phone or replace it? If replacement, you should get more than the £140 outlay if you sell it as it will be pristine.

Option 2 - Noooooo, not an iPad! Sure they look quite nice but are expensive and don't do as much as either a phone or a netbook.

Are you already on a contract? The HTCs look quite nice, don't know too much about them though.

Option 3 - Depends whether you are going to go for a contract. I'd wait and see what the contract prices are going to be before deciding. £500 for 16Gb and £600 for the 32Gb is a lot of dough, but then it is an unlocked phone from the off, worth more in resale. I'd have thought that the subsidised cost with a contract phone will be most appealing.

In short, I wouldn't rush into anything yet and certainly wouldn't get an iPad!


Distinguished Member
Option 2

Here's what i'm plannin on.

24 mth contract at £35, hoping handset will be around £100 , (3GS was £89) reduce tariff to £25/£30 after 6 month.

Selling 3G 16GB & PS3, and hoping to get around £450 to buy iPad.

I get both iPhone 4 & iPad, happy to be in 2 year contract, not going anywhere, not expecting to upgrade handset next year tho.

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