iPhone 3GS on o2 problems...


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I've had my 3GS since Feburary on the o2 network. Since about a month ago I have noticed a problem developing.

It doesnt happen all the time, but it seems to be increasing.

Sometimes when I send a text, the send bar gets to about 80% full, and then it just hangs. After about two minutes I get an error message, and click send again and it works fine. As I say, this has started happening more and more within the past month.

Another problem I have noticed is that sometimes when I make a call, it just hangs on "calling". I get no ringing at all, and I have waited up to 2 minutes before and it still just hangs. If I end the call and try again immediately, it works perfectly. Again, this problem is starting to occur more and more.

Has anyone else experienced this and has anyone got any ideas what the problem might be?

Cheers in advance :)


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Is this happening in a certain area or all areas?? If it is happening in a certain location then it sounds like a network issue to me, quite common on o2 in large urban areas.

Have you tried turning 3G off and seeing if it does it on 2g??

a l e x

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I had both problems with the 3G... was usually down to bad signal... I did find though that when it is hanging and wont send/call that just pushing the sleep button and unlocking again seemed to fix it. Not had any problems like it on the 4 though...yet.

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