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Iphone 3GS locks up in cold weather?


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I recently got into a dangerous situation thanks to my iphone 3GS.

I was on a remote beach in Northumberland doing some low-light photography, there was only one way back off the beach through the massive dunes. This point I marked by dropping a pin on Google maps so I could find it in the dark, I then walked off two or three miles to the far end of the beach. When I had finished my photography I started to walk back in the dark only to find that the headland I was on had now become an island due to the rising tide. I waded through the knee-height water back to the mainland. An almost gale-force wind was now blowing off the sea. Although I was properly dressed in good outdoor clothing I was conscious that I was now wet and cold and had to be very careful. As long as I continued to walk and generate heat I would be alright. I took out my iphone to check my position. It didn't work. Totally dead. Which is what I would be if I didn't keep moving. Eventually I found my way off the beach by walking slow and sweeping my torch for a tree trunk I had noted near the path. By this time I was slow and clumsy in my movements and has trouble concentrating.

When I got back to the nice warm cottage I was staying in I plugged the phone into the charger to check if the battery had drained. After a few minutes it had warmed up sufficiently to chirp into life again. The battery was 80% charged.

I am very angry about this. The phone was in a leather wallet in a waterproof pocket next to my body and wasn't even particulary cold. It seems unreasonable to me that it should freeze up at the slightest provocation. Since then it has done this twice more when exposed to mild cold for a couple of hours. Is the only solution to nurture it with my body heat like a baby bird? Cuddle it up with its own hot water bottle? Frankly it should not be marketed as a walker's GPS (which it is, amongst other things) when it is dangerously prone to failure in even mildly adverse conditions.


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this shouldnt be happening to your iphone so i would suggest taking it to the apple store to be looked at.
One thing i will say is though, you cant rely on your iphone for such important tasks as this. There is a reason why professional hand held GPS units are built in such rugged ways and this is one of them.


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If I was in extreme conditions I woudn't be relying on the phone. As I say though, it wasn't even all that cold. It was the wet and the wind-chill that were affecting me, the phone was sheltered and dry.

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