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iphone 3g no orange mobile net


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i have iphone 3g, 8gb unlocked to orange. Its got cydia, JB, fw 3.1.2 and internet worked on safari and mail. i am on dolphin pay as you go so have credit and remaining mobile internet allowance .

Yesterday lunch time i realised internet was not working but didnt think much. today it still does not work, safari just keeps saying no network connection and mail says connection to my hotmail pop server failed.

but everything works fine over the wifi internet. if i check SBS settings it shows a data IP address. If I tried to load sarfari/mail it seems as if immediately bombs out with the error message but SBS is showing a data ip address if i check from status bar.

i have checked cellular network settings:
apn name orangeinternet
username blank
pass blank
confirmed correct
and i always have had 3g, edge turned off

called orange iphone support who just asked me to hold down home key and power button to reboot it. and i have also did reset network settings which still did not work. Last thing is to try sim in my old samsung d600 wap phone

last thing I did on iphone was uninstall coloured signal bars in cydia.
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ok i might of found an issue having read this thread: http://www.avforums.com/forums/iphone-discussions/918792-iphone-3g-no-internet-connection.html.

if i re enable all 3g, edge and wifi internet services the safari /mail works over 3g internet. its not working in 2g althought it connects and obtains an data IP address.

can anyone see something wrong?

edit just tested it again. mobile internet works just with edge minimum enabled (3g can be turned off) so seems an dns issue with orange network ?
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i have the dolphin pay monthly with Orange and its working fine for me and has been. Never had any problems with orange internet.

You'd need 3G enabled to received internet. Just leave it enabled all the time and enable wifi when your at home.

For the internet in networks, all i have is "orangeinternet" like you


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Very strange I have been able to use orange mobile internet with edge and 3g off via sbssettings.

It just gets better with Orange Iphone tech support when I called their helpline the female was adament I must have WIFI on to use the internet. So I asked how on earth can I connect to WIFI when I am out and about. She said the Iphone will automatically connect to the nearest hot spot. so I asked what is an hot spot . she says WIFI spot.

Soooo.... wow is that why our Iphones battery drain in one day, its because Iphones direct all their power resources on their very strong power hungry WIFI antennaes :hiya:

Maxamus , is your Iphone JB with SBS settings? could you disable 3g and edge and wireless and see if your mobile internet still works?
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