Iphone 13 Pro Max - Slow Data speeds. Advice?


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Aug 20, 2013
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I recently moved from Android to Apple with my first iPhone last Saturday, an iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB, which until yesterday was running a Virgin Mobile 4G sim.

Yesterday I 'upgraded' to a Three 5G sim, and since the get-go have been facing extremely poor mobile data speeds with extremely high latency.

Running speed tests on the new sim result in the speeds shown:


Switching to 4G only, the results are:


Having been on Live chat to Three for 2 hours, they have ran tests and said everything is within specifications expected, and their only suggestion is to cancel my contract as the service isn't up to my expectations.....

Can anyone help me with this issue? How are other iPhone 13 Pro owners doing in relation to Mobile Data speeds - slow issues like me? Or not? If now what Data Carrier are you with?

I see on Reddit a few people facing the same issue as me.

P.S - (I didn't run speed tests on the original Virgin 4G sim as I didn't think i'd be in this situation with appallingly slow 5G speeds!)
Didn’t you check what the “Three” network signal was like in the area you intend to use the phone?
There are no problems nationwide with the iPhone 13.
It's all down to the strength and coverage of whatever network you use at your location.
As above, it’ll be all down to our location/signal strength, don’t blame the phone.

You should have got speed tests with the Virgin sim too, but the speeds on it were probably much faster, otherwise I’m sure you would have noticed apps and videos etc loading slowly.

If you’re not happy, cancel and get a few PAYG sims from different networks, see which has the best coverage in the area you live and travel around.
OP, sounds like your local Three mast is severely congested and using the latest and greatest iPhone 13 won't change that. As others have already suggested, try a different network.
I was with Three for a number of years. I did a test with a PAYG sim i picked up for £1 at the time. Popped it in the phone in the main locations i spend my time like work, home etc and found the only place it was a bit iffy was at home. I took the plunge opting for one of their unlimited data 30 day rolling contracts at the time thinking if it became a pain i could get out quite easily and change to someone else. In the end they sent me a signal booster for home in return for signing up for a year and that worked fine using it for a few years until they introduced wifi calling and that was that. I was with them for years and rarely had signal issues other than in the two houses we have lived in in that time but the booster\wifi calling covered that with no issues. My parents have a Three mast not far from them and my mobile data speed was about 4 times faster than there home broadband!

I'm now with Sky which runs on O2, switched as got a good deal on an iPhone 12 last year, and thats the same in that i'm fine everywhere bar at home but again Wifi calling covers it off with no issues. Knew that would be the case as my wife has been with O2 for years. Have you do your homework when switching, if you dont you cant moan if it doesnt work for you.

Is this issue just in one location or have you tried it in different places?
Strange I’ve had exactly the same issue with Virgin mobile. I was ID mobile who were fast but useless in any crowded area. Moved to virgin mobile and I get 4G rarely with speeds of 3mbs when it’s 3G I get 1.5mbs but most of the time it’s on E, which I haven’t seen since the first iPhone and that’s about 300k. I’ve tried the speeds everywhere I would normally go and get the same results. When I spoke to virgin they said the speeds are consistent with why they would expect

The screenshot is on 4g

I’ve got a 3 sim coming this week. Hopefully I won’t see the same problem


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I can confirm that the 3 sim works
Have you do your homework when switching, if you dont you cant moan if it doesnt work for you.

Is this issue just in one location or have you tried it in different places?
I wasn't moaning, I was questioning the issue - there's a difference...

Regarding homework - no i'll admit I didn't do homework on Three prior to the contract, the coverage they quote on a national level convinced me enough to go ahead with the contract.

Still an ongoing issue, though the latency is within 20 Mbps now, download speeds averaging 40 mbps / upload 7 Mbps which Three inform me is within the expected range so looks like i'm stuck with it for another 11 months ✌🏻
We've had up & down Three 5G signal issues here in Preston but they've calmed down recently as there has been a new mast erected recently

I've just done a speed test now and had over 600Mbps but only c15Mbps upload...

This is on my iPhone 13 Pro Max also

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