iPhone 11 poor sound fix?


I have just bought my wife an iPhone 11 and cannot get the sound up to acceptable level can hardly hear the ringtone and haven't really tried music. And struggle to hear phone calls so would be a problem in busy environment.

As she prefers to listen to her mp3 player for talking books etc, tried to get her change to listen on phone but no.

Is there a fault with the iPhone 11 in respect to sound issues ?


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Something sounds wrong here. My iPhone 11 is actually too loud on Ringtone unless I turn the volume down.


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The Ringtone volume is controlled here

but it doesn’t affect music playback nor phone call volume.
I’d say there’s a fault with the phone speakers. Can you try plugging in headphones (can’t remember if 11 comes with lightning headphones).


As above volume for phone calls and ringer are separate from each other, I take it you’ve gone into the menu above and turned them both up abit?

Ive got an 11 pro max and the ringer etc is more than loud enough, it’s below half on the sliders and it’s fine, Max volume would make me jump out of my skin if it rang next to me!

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