Question iPhone 11 or XS MAX and buy in the UK or abroad?


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I currently have an iPhone 6 that I'm looking to upgrade. Have a bit of a dilemma in that do I get a new iPhone 11 or second hand iPhone XS Max, there is about £75 price difference.

If I go for the 11 is it best to buy in the UK or abroad? There is a £130 between the UK and USA for the 128GB version, this includes tax. I'm going to USA next month so that's a consideration.

Am I right in thinking that a USA iPhone will work just as well in the UK or does it depend on my carrier (3) and the band etc?

Any heads up/ advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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For me personally I’ve just upgraded from a XS to XS max, I wanted a bigger screen and better battery life. I would rather have a slightly older iPhone and have the better OLED screen and the telephoto lens, both of which the standard iPhone 11 doesn’t have. And of course the screen is abit smaller too.
All depends what’s important to you really.

And to answer your second question, I’m pretty sure a US iPhone will work fine in the uk. Providing it’s unlocked/ bought directly from Apple.
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