iPhone 11 incorrect passcode


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My kids tried to unlock her iPhone 11 but put the wrong passcode in too many times.

It's saying to connect to iTunes and when she does its not been picked up.

I don't want to erase as she never too picture off and doesn't want to lose everything

Is a trip down to Apple store or is there any other solution?



Too many failed attempts and your iPhone automatically locks itself for a brief period of time. If you continue entering the wrong password, the phone will either disable itself until connected to iTunes or automatically erase all your data if you have the option enabled.

Have you tried unlocking the phone while it’s connected to a computer and iTunes? If iTunes is not picking up the phone at all, try connecting it to another USB port if there’s more than one.

Make sure iTunes is up to date too, and that it’s connected to WiFi (not sure if that makes a difference)

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