iPhone 11 Bluetooth Issue


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For years now I’ve used my iPhone to Bluetooth some rain sounds to a portable speaker by my bed. It helps my wife and I sleep.

i recently for an iPhone 11 and am running the latest version of iOS. Now, when I use the nature sounds app, the Bluetooth will sometimes cut out for a split second. In the middle of the night, with a constant sound playing, it’s as disturbing as a loud noise.

Ive tried all usual troubleshooting, restoring from backup, deleting the app, trying other apps, removed my phone case and others but nothing has worked. Apple have checked the phone and said there are no issues.

Can anyone offer any further suggestions?



I notice the one thing you dont appear to have tried as mentioned above is bluetoothing to a different device. Could well be an issue with the speaker. Do other apps have an issue playing to this speaker?


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Yes, other apps have this problem too. I know I need to try it on another speaker but it’s difficult as the sound dip is so small it might go unnoticed when playing a podcast or something like I usually do. The sounds I use at night are a constant noise so it’s easy to pick up. I know I need to try this though. Other phones and my iPod still work fine on the bedroom speaker though.

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