IPAQ TV remote controller 5.1 & Arcam DV88+


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OK, this is my first post here after lurking for a while...

I have an IPAQ 3850 running the PDAWIN TV Remote Controller 5.1 and I am trying to control an Arcam DV88+ DVD Player. I have tried learning the codes from the Arcam remote and also imported a .ccf file from my Pronto 890 / ProntoEdit but still get this same problem -;

The first time a button is pressed, the Arcam recognises the signal and responds according. However, on the second press of the same button, nothing! I have to press a different button before I re-press the original, and then it works. For example, when on a DVD menu, if I want to move three items to the right, I cannot just press the right button three times in succession because only the first press is recognised. I would have to press <right, up, right, down, right> in order to get the desired result. This is becoming frustrating!

By the way, the .ccf works ok in my Pronto - I can just press right three times. (Using the RC5 codes from the DV88+ unoffical FAQ)

Is this just something I will have to live with if I want to use the IPAQ or has anybody got any idea why this is happening or a workaround?



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I have seen a post here before about the DV88+. cant remember the detail, but it went along the lines of 'change the remote control option in the menu' or something like that (cant be more specific- sorry). this solution seemed to do the trick apparently.

try a search, it might reveal something

good luck


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Go into the the DV88 setup menu and change the remote control to Other. It solves the problem.



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