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I will be taking my Ipad 3g to South Africa. Very concerned about uninvited downloads and updates being sent at roaming rates as I have heard of some folks getting enormous bills on their return from holiday. What should I do? Simply remove the sim card till I get home or is it possible to buy a sim card that operates locally in South Africa?


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Obviously , do not use your own sim card , take that out before you arrive , and buy one locally while you are there , here are the details ,

Sim Card, Cell Phone ? Mobile Technology South Africa

I spent a lot of time travelling last year , I was able to pick up sim cards locally in Phoenix Arizona , Portland Oregon , Capetown , Tel Aviv , Seoul , Paris , and Kuala Lumpur. All worked fine , though some did have to be cut , which is quite simple to do.

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The safest bet would be to remove the sim card then it only has the opportunity to connect via wifi. Then when you get there try and find a sim there or just use wifi. Take the sim with you though and keep it in a safe place as you might want to use it at the outgoing airport?

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