iPad Tablet (glass touch-screen learning) app for elderly?


First a little back-story:
I'm not sure how many people have tried to introduce an elderly person to a tablet, such as an iPad (in this case)
But it can be surprising, and even a little frustrating seeing how difficult it can be for them to be able to actually
operate a touch screen. My mother tried, and eventually gave up with, and now I'm having the same issue with
a friends elderly mother.

It may sound crazy, but tapping an icon is even hard.
Even the slightest sideways movement whilst tapping makes the device thing you wish to scroll the screen as
opposed to open the app.
Likewise, a tap a little too long can also cause something else to happen.

On the iPad, even the home button is an issue. Press just a fraction too long and Siri pops up, as opposed to
what you wanted to do.

I'd love Apple (and others?) to actually see some elderly people struggle and consider ways to help.

My request:
Is anyone aware of any apps for the iPad which are made to help elderly learn how to use a touchscreen?
Something where it helps you along, perhaps says when you need to press again/try again.

It feels the industry have just assumed a touch screen is so easy anyone can use it, but that's not the case.



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Have a look at;
touch accommodations,
there may be something that will help.


I feel your pain.

Last year i give my dad (87 years old) my old (series 1 third gen) ipad as he is now in a home and due to Covid we were not allowed to visit him, so this was his means of contact for the family. It also meant he could see his newly born grandson who lives in Italy too.

When i took it to him, it was painful trying to get him to use it properly as every time he pressed the screen he would drag the app icon instead of tapping 'on/off'.

I have just bought myself another ipad and when i set it up it synced to the cloud it downloaded loads of screenshots and photographs my dad had made accidentally trying to hold the ipad.

Still, its been great for him and he loves it. Every time i now go to see him he tells me what he has been looking at on Youtube etc, so has given him some enjoyment at least.


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Klondike solitaire really helped my mother. She was playing it for 15-20 years before, so the only thing to learn was that "unusual" touchscreen.:)
P.S. Klondike also has the least number of cards on the screen, so it's easier to distinguish one from another.


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My 83 year old friend has no trouble using her iPad for email and FaceTiming friends. Although she does insist on taking photos with it, which is weird.

The key is that they need patience to not give up when they make a mistake. You can help them by not making a big deal of any mistakes. Tell them everyone makes mistakes and they can’t do any damage to it.

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