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Before I get in to the story I will stress that I (rightly or wrongly) always purchase AppleCare with any Apple product I've previously bought.

In December 2015 a friend of mine was visiting the U.S.A, before his trip I had mentioned to him that I was going to purchase the iPad Pro 128GB wifi + cellular after Christmas. Whilst he was out there he contact me to explain that he was in an Apple Store and the model I was after was available and it would work out around £150 cheaper and offered to purchase it for me, I said yes please.

On his return I took the sealed Pro to my local Apple Store with the intention of purchasing AppleCare but to my surprise the sales guy explains that as it was purchased in the U.S I was unable to purchase the cover. After asking several questions about being able to buy it I reluctantly accepted their answer and left.

Roll forward to Saturday morning (11th Match 2017), I picked up the iPad as I normally do, pressed the home button but there was no sign of life. I presumed that the battery had depleted so I put it on charge. I went back to it an hour later only to find that it was still lifeless, I tried the hard reset and also tried connecting it to the company but there was nothing, no sign of life at all.

At that point I decided to get in the car and drive to my local Apple Store to see if they could help, after arriving I explained my predicament to a staff member and he made a Genius Bar appointment for me, I left and had lunch, waiting for the text to say they were ready for me. Sure enough the text arrived so I made my way back.

I explained my issue to the advisor and he proceeded to do all the checks that he could however after 20 mins or so of trying everything he could he pronounced the iPad as being permanently dead due to a hardware failure. He continued to explain that as the iPad was 15 months old, bought in the U.S and had no AppleCare there was nothing they could do to help. At this stage to say I was gutted is an understatement, I explained to the advisor that I had tried to purchase AppleCare but had been refused and he agreed that I was rightfully refused. I asked him if there was anybody more senior that might take a more sympathetic view on it as it was (a) only 15 months old and surely it should not fail and (b) check to see that on my iPhone 7plus and my Apple Watch there is AppleCare in place just to prove that I always (when able to) take the cover out.

After being away for 10 mins or so he came back with the bad news that there was nothing that could be done and for want of a better word I had been left with a large paperweight.

Admittedly I'm now really peeved and asked him if there was any other person I could take my complaint to and he advised me that AppleCare on the phone carried more weight than in-store so he arranged for them to call me straight away, he then apologised and wished me luck before making his way to his next customer.

I few mins later the phone rang and I explained my frustration as detailed above while also reiterating that I had tried to purchase AppleCare, at this point he informed me that I should have been allowed to purchase AppleCare when I first tried to do so , he said that if I was (wrongly) refused it in-Store then they should have advised that I could of bought it over phone, this did not happen.

The advisor then asked me to hold so he could speak to his supervisor, a few mins later he came back to say that unfortunately as it was 15 months old there was nothing he could do. I then took the opportunity to say that had I been given wrong information when I first attempted to buy the protection so surely (please please please) some leeway could be given. He offered to speak to a senior store employee so I went back in, found someone, briefly explained the situation and then passed the phone over.

The senior Apple Store employee spoke to the senior AppleCare advisor for what seemed like an eternity, they spent the time talking mainly about whether I should or should not have been able to purchase the elusive AppleCare.

Nervously I stood waiting for the conversation to end, eventually it did............ They thanked other and the chat finished.

The Apple employee then explained that due to the rather grey area about me being able to (or not) purchase AppleCare they had agreed as a goodwill gesture to replace the iPad!

This whole process took around three hours of me first turning up at the store.
I was very relieved and very grateful for the time and patience of everyone involved.

Apologies for the long winded tale but I wanted to make people aware of the problems and issues that can arise from buying an iPad from the U.S, that is the first time I have done it and it's safe to say that it will be the last time.
Good result in end and Apple customer service once again being good even tho they could have been better to start with.
Thinking of getting a pro or the iPad Air 2 are they any good


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Good result in end and Apple customer service once again being good even tho they could have been better to start with.
Thinking of getting a pro or the iPad Air 2 are they any good
The Air 2 is quoted the likely to be replaced very soon. The stock levels are very low and Apple are quoting 2-3 weeks delivery. You might want to wait.

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