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A piece of advice please.

My sister, her husband and myself are heading off to our local Apple Store on Monday to buy an iPad. The 12 1/2 iPad Pro is what they are looking at, the reason for this model is that he is a professional artist normally using oil on canvas but would like to have this for ideas, sketches, and so forth. I should say that he or my sister are particularly keyed into computer. I stumble along with the help of forums and YouTube

So a few questions

  1. Am I directing them in the right direction by stealing them towards the 12 1/2 iPad Pro or are they best getting something. They have made up their mind on Apple.
  2. I’m supposing that a stylus pencil is almost a must. However I see Apple is selling their pencils from £89 up. Is a pencil, is an Apple Pencil necessary considering he probably be doing some fine work?
  3. A keypad, again I know you can have a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad but would he need it.
  4. Finally software. There is an international artist called David Hockney and seemly he uses an iPad, almost exclusively, and a free app called Brushes. I must admit that doesn’t sound right to me
Anyway there you are and I really would be grateful for any advice offered, and please if you feel I’ve missed out on something don’t hesitate



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I'm no artist but yes, I suspect the large and expensive iPad Pro will fill his needs and the Apple Pencil 2nd generation (£119) is to be recommended over the earlier one.
If the main use is artwork I don't think the external keyboard will be needed.
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Well they broke out bought the iPad Pro, the pencil and the keypad. I think once he saw the colour and the pen in operation he was sold
As someone involved in the education field he was able to get a some discount. Now let’s see how he uses it
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