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I want to buy an iPad Pro, to replace my old iPad Air (original A1474) which is almost out of space.
I’ve been doing some research today and am coming to the opinion that refurbished or an older version maybe the way to go. In particular I’m seeing a number named as 3rd generation and as 2017 Pros. How do those differ from the latest editions? I’m also looking at Apple’s own refurbished stock
I’m beginning to wonder can I just wipe my old Air and start from scratch, it is 16 GB with 1.17GB left ! I have an iPhone and ample cloud storage. I really only use the iPad for personal use and a recent reading of a Which? Online article would suggest a 64 GB would suffice
My reason for thinking the iPad Pro is that if I do buy I want to build in as much future proofing as possible.

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Hi Kevin

iPad pros are a really nice device, but you need to be clear on what your user case is for the “pro” part, as the normal new iPads are loads cheaper (new at £350 probably get discounted a bit for Black Friday) and very capable for normal browsing, typing and media consumption.

Also future proofing is a bit of pointless endeavour, I suggest you look at the coming 2-3 years usage and buy your iPad to cover that time-frame. Processor and graphics speeds are continually leaping up and a 3 year old iPad will get crushed by a new entry entry level one - so no need to spend loads.

To answer your Qs:

1. Screen size of the smaller model and lack of home button will differentiate the latest Pro 3rd gen versions (11”&12.9”) from the previous 2nd pro generation (2017) with home button (10.5” & 12.9”). Stay away from the 1st gen (2016) which were 9.7” screens and are now old tech for the £350+ price tag.

2. 64GB is ok depending on what you need from your iPad, in some cases 32GB is fine as long as you dont store a lot of games, movies or large files. I like having the headroom of at least 128GB but I store a lot of media on my iPad.

3. Your iPad Air is 6 years old - if you are ok with the screen and weight and don’t need intensive graphics output - it may be ok to wipe and reuse. The 16GB is a constraint though.

hope that he,ps and reach out if you have an6 other questions.


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An update. I splashed out and bought a new 10.5 IPad Pro - 256GB (2017) from Curry’s eBay store cost £450


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There is a really good deal on the 10.2 inch 2019 iPad, it is a fantastic device for most people and with the added keyboard and pencil support you can also start to do some of the tasks that the Pro's can do.

Very are doing the 32GB version for £299 plus a further £50 back if you get it on Buy Now Pay Later using the code PEHE3.

Or if you prefer not to use Very and want a 2 year guarantee then John Lewis are doing the same model for £299.


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Another update. Even though Curry’s accepted and confirmed the order I received an email from them this morning saying ‘sorry we’ve run out of stock and won’t be replacing it.’ I paraphrase

Still I can’t see Curry’s not bring that model back instore it’s to popular
As a member of Which? the Consumers Association and we’ll see their tak on it


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Still let’s me order one on their main website or reserve for collection - very strange

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