Ipad and Iphone constantly lose wifi connection when streaming


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Bit sick of this now, been going on for 6 - 7 months, very weird.
If I watch a match on the Ipad at say 8 Clock, no issues, streams fine, but start watching something from netflix/prime, or even tiktok and I lose connection. Once I turn wifi off, wait 10 seconds, turn it on again it works for maybe another 15 minutes then the connection goes again - same early in the morning, trying to stream something at 7 or 8 O'clock works for 20/30 minuets then back to losing connection, turning wifi off then back on again etc. Just dont understand it - never had a problem streaming in a match through amazon, but streaming something afterwards just runs into issues.

Any idea what it could possibly be?

Dont think its the router cos streaming live never an issue, dont think its the device cos same problem is on both Ipad (2019 version) and Iphone (latest Se version). Its not a specific app as fault is across a variety of apps...just a bit lost!


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Always at specific times? If so, sounds to me like there could be interference caused by something else that's in use at those times. Have you tried changing channels in your router settings?

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