iPad Air Home button replacement.


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I have an iPad Air 1 (64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular, space grey) which I bought in Sep 2014 from the Apple store in the Florida Mall, Orlando, Florida and lately the home button requires quite a bit of pressure to operate and the button doesn't spring back as it should. It's very hard to push. Other than that it's condition/operation is mint.
As the 1 year warranty has expired by roughly 7 weeks I made an appointment at the genius bar at the Apple store in Braehead, Glasgow last week and turned up at the appointed time expecting to pay for a repair.
The assistant examined it, agreed it was faulty and disappeared through to the back of the store.
He returned and asked where I had bought it and I told him at an Apple store in the US (which he knew full well from the serial no)...he then went on to say that yes, the button is faulty but it's not a repairable item as it's mounted/attached to the rear of the screen...at this point I should have asked him for an estimate to replace the screen but it hadn't occurred to me, he had taken the wind out of my sails when he said it isn't a repairable item.
He then went on to say if it had been bought in the UK/EU they would just replace it with a new one for free as we're covered for up to 2 years under EU regulations...I asked him if it would be a refurbished one but he said no, it would be a brand new one...(I know the 64GB variant is no longer sold so I guess they keep stock for warranty replacements) he then went on to say as it was bought in the US this only had a 1 year warranty and yes, although they can replace it with a new one it would cost me £249.
I tried to appeal saying yes, I know the US warranty is only 1 year but since it's a high value item and it's failed only weeks out of warranty couldn't they replace it at a lower cost as a goodwill gesture to a loyal Apple customer but, no, he said they couldn't.
He said as it's still working just to take it home and decide what to do...I thought about asking to speak to the shop manager but didn't think I'd get anywhere so just left.

Yesterday I started a live chat with Apple support online and explained my story, the operator said she would speak to her supervisor and could I give them my phone no and someone would phone me back at 12:15 to discuss it...aha, I thought, I might get somewhere here.
Sure enough the phone rang from an international number at 12:15 and someone higher in authority from Cork, Ireland spoke to me about it...he asked if I could take my iPad to a local Apple store and he would check online and give me an appointment but I explained I'd already been there...then I realised he hadn't been briefed on my problem so I had to again explain it all to him.
He then went on to say that yes, they could replace it but again he would not budge from the price of £249.

Question...it occurred to me this morning that as the home button is part of/fixed to the rear of the screen why wasn't I given a repair price for the screen replacement?...I know repairs like this are not done on the premises of the Apple stores and are sent to their repair depot in Ireland so why wasn't I given that option?...anyone know?

A new phone/tablet repair shop has opened a few weeks ago in my town and I popped in this morning and I explained that the home button on my iPad Air 1 was faulty (I didn't have it with me but I explained the symptoms) and the guy said it needs a new screen (so that confirms what the Apple employee said, it's part of the screen)...he said the repair would cost £45 in total and it would be ready in 1 hour!!! Now I know that this will not be an original Apple screen but all the same at least it will get it back in working order which I can then go on to sell as I'm now at the stage of wanting/buying an Air 2
So why isn't Apple offering that screen replacement service?

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