Question iPad 6th Gen 13.6 charging and battery problems


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Hello all

My 6th Gen iPad is having issues charging and also general battery consumption.

Firstly, the device only charges when it's powered off. If I plug the charger in when it's powered on nothing happens - it just says "not charging". It does charge to 100% if charged when powered off.

When charging I'm using an official Apple charger which is plugged into a mains plug socket.

Once the device is fully charged and powered on, the battery level drops dramatically - down to 30% in about 15 minutes. It's gradual, but in stages - maybe 100 to 99 to 91 to 77 to 71 to 54 to 50 etc etc.

The device is running iOS 13.6. There is an upgrade available (to 14.x) but, there's a particular app I use that is temperamental with newer versions of iOS so I'm really reluctant to upgrade just yet.

Things I've tried....

Soft reset - holding the power and home button together for 10 seconds
Turning off bluetooth and wifi
Setting auto-lock
Different chargers
Different wall sockets
Plus other battery improvement suggestions.

I'm not sure if this is a battery issue, system board issue, or a problem/bug with the software.

I'd be grateful for any ideas or suggestions?



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