ipad 2 image retention


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Morning, all. Bought my refurb iPad 2 direct from Apple last June. Last night, after using Safari for about 15 minutes, I noticed some image retention when I exited to the home screen.

The address and search bar part of Safari was clearly visible on the home screen, though did begin to fade after 10 minutes or so of doing other things. (Should have done a screenshot there and then, but I'll post one later if it's still doing it.)

Done a search and found a few people who've had a similar problem, but it doesn't seem widespread by any means. I know image retention on an LCD panel isn't necessarily as serious as on other types of display, but should it be happening at all?

Minded to book a Genius appointment and see if I can get it swapped over (assuming 16GB iPad 2s aren't in short supply), but won't bother if it's "normal", so thought I'd see if anyone else was affected/concerned.


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Not normal so get it swapped if you can. My iPad2 suffered from ghosting, but not all the time, and that was straight out of the box (new). Apple swapped it without issue.


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Bought my ipad2 week of original release. It has never had screen retention up until very recently. If yours is newish and still covered by apple care it should go straight back.


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Image retention does happen on IPS based LCD displays but it's usually not permanent, I've had non-iPad IPS displays exhibit retention then it dissipates and has not happened since.

It's a bit of shock to some people but it's more common than they think, if doesn't fade away get it replaced.


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Thanks, all. Just used Safari for about five minutes solid and it's done it again. Guess I'll have to make myself an appointment and hope I don't get a replacement with a dodgy pixel. :)

Just to check, any retention's not the norm/good/acceptable, right?
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Thanks. Just tried to take a screenshot, but didn't work and there was no sign of the retained image. Presumably, the iPad captures what its software tells it is on the screen, rather than what's actually wrongly displayed because of a fault?

Debating whether to take it in or not. Aside from this, it's perfect - no light bleed or pixel issues, or anything. I'll see how much it others me over the weekend.
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Prt of me wonders whether it was always there and I never noticed, but it's so obvious sometimes I can't believe I'd have not seen it.

Either way, I'll take it in when I've got a week off in a month or so.

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