IP network cctv cameras


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Has anyboady installed and used IP network cctv cameras?

I want cctv but don't know how to do it for the best. Wire sender type don't like due to bleadding over neighbours video sender.

Have got cat 5 around my house.

You can get some sub £100 now but are they any good?




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We have several Axis 206 IP Web Cams at work, these cost around £140 each. We tried some cheap alternatives but found the image quality poor compared to the Axis ones.


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...I would be more concerned about how you are going to use them, ie what software controls them... or is it a simple browser to view... and no more.

I would reccomend that for home/small business use, Geovision is the best bet and stay with wired traditional cameras...

You get what you pay for with CCTv cameras - choice of lens and sensor is very dependant on what you want to achieve.

You can allways use "normal" cameras over cat5....

Just use some nvt senders and receivers with your cat 5, passive will do fine just for a home set up. Vista cameras are good, reasonably priced and they run forever litteraly, get a 50mm lens on and that will cover any situation.

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