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I'm planning to implement IP-based remotes for all my rooms on my Android phone and tablet using the MyURemote or iRule software. Most of my devices support IP control, with a few older ones requiring IR. For the IR devices, I plan to use Global Cache IP-to-IR adapters.

My question relates to IP control of my Samsung TVs. As far as I have determined, the supported IP protocol for Samsung TVs does not include a Power On command. This seems odd and I'm hoping there is a workaround to this limitation.

Can anyone shed some light on this question?



Hi. I'd recommend using the US forum rather than this UK one - I don't know what your devices are.


That's OK - Good luck.


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Logiciel - I don’t really see how this is a region sensitive discussion? Samsung TVs behave the same wherever in the world they are, and the iRule / Global Cache control combo is widely used here in the UK.

You can indeed not power up Samsung TVs via IP. They don’t listen for WoL either. You will need to use IR to bring them out of standby. There is no workaround.


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In the uk Samsung MU series do not have Expert Network setting, where as the US TV's do, this enables 3rd party control.


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The Android app MyAV can control Samsung TVs directly over IP and turns on my UE55KS7000 without an IR blaster. I turned off eco mode.

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