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Sorry, not sure if this is the right forum - if not can someone point me to the right one please. Fed up of having my car clipped my halfwits cutting the corner where my house sits, I've put up a cheapie, watch-bot camera. Running ok, pretty good view but the most it will do is send an email when it detects movement. Now living around the corner from a large Morrisons, I'd be getting an email every other second. so is there any free or very cheap sw that will record from the camera continously so that if anything happens I can perhaps view the video for the culprit.


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There are weatherproof cameras that are operated by PIR ( e.g. for wildlife) - presumably when there is no movement the camera shuts down, saving Memory and Battery. The snag may be that the event occurs at night, so the IR lighting will reflect on any window. Perhaps you can fit a roof-box to the top of the car, so there is no glass between subjects and lens.

Alternatively, have you tried a "Surveillence" Company? They may have something more suitable.
There are in-car "Insurance" cameras with shock sensors, and these might suit.

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