ip adress keeps changing


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You ip is assigned by your router you need to enter the ip for your router into a web browser login and set your PS3 to have a static ip you should be able to find instructions on you router manufactures site.
You can also set a static IP address on the PS3, as long as its in the same range. Its recommended and easier to change on the router though.


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Cheers guys this is all abit over my head lol the problem started when I started playin cod3 and my NAT type was always strict so worked out how to get In to my router setting got my ps3 ip address and put it in the firewall inbound outbound settings when I go back to that that ip address is still the same it's only changing when I check it on my ps3 r u saying it the router changing it or the ps3


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When the PS3 turns on it says over the network I need an ip address! Your router as the DHPC server on your network has two sets of addresses it could assign

one set which are leased and expire after a period of time
one set which are static.

It is the default for a router to assign a leased address

You need to tell you router to always assign you PS3 the same ip address

If you post the make and model of your router I'm sure we can find a guide on how to do this
On my router all I had to do to set a static ip on my server was tick a box
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