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my xbox 360 keeps changing its ip addy one day it will be and then the next day it will have gone to so that make me nat go strct. now all i have to do is gone on to me routher settings and change the port forwarding/port triggering to the same ip addy as me xbox and that will make me nat open is there anyway i can stop it doing this as its a pain to have to keep messing with it. thanks for ya help.


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Hi Mate,

The reason is you've got your Xbox configure to Automatically obtain an IP Address. and by the looks of it the lease time on your router is very low.

I'd say best bet is to pick an ip address fairly high, i.e. and set it via the dashboard. You'll also have to manual enter your gateway (router's) ip address....

also u might have to manual enter your DNS ip addresses, so make a note of these first.

And then setup port forwarding on your router to your new Xbox



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I've got a netgear router and that allows you to reserve ip ads on the router via the mac address. So you just enter the mac address of the 360, reserve whatever ip you want and whenever you turn the xbox on it will be assigned that address from the router. Other routers probably allow this too but i've always used netgear so cant comment.

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