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iOS 4 don't forget to update your apps

Paul D

Well-known Member
If you have just updated to iOS4, don't forget to update your Apps.
Multitasking updates are available for some Apps now, with others to follow...:smashin:

Paul D

Well-known Member
Don't forget to close Apps running in the background.(helps save the battery)
Too do this:-
Double click the "home" button on the bottom of the phone.
This will show the Apps that are running on the bottom row.
Press and hold one of the Apps icons.
Little red signs will appear in the corner of the icons.
Press the icon you want to shut down...:smashin:


Active Member
You should basically never have to do this as most of the apps in the fast switcher aren't really running in the background, they're just in a saved state (saved to disk) and using zero processor cycles. Apps can only background specific threads which most of the time are things you're actually using (eg listening to music) and when you stop doing that the app stops using the processor again. In no case can a whole app run in the background wasting battery.

99% of the time, all you do when you "close" an app in the taskbar is reset its saved state so it starts from scratch next time instead of where you left it -- this can sometimes be useful but it's not saving any battery.

Paul D

Well-known Member
I know some programs pause, but not all.
Tune-in radio for example runs fully in the background, and even prevents auto-lock. (if selected etc)
The reminder was more to explain to people "how" to close running Apps, and remind that iOS4 with multitasking is different now...:)


Active Member
the multitasking feature saves the app in runtime memory. using a memory app, it revealed i had only 20megs of runtime memory left. even with a dozen apps running the battery did not deplete as quickly as i first thought, which is great but i only wish there was a way to choose which apps could run in the background like SMS, notes and calender for instance at the moment every app that is opened is allocated runtime memory to run in background mode which would then need to be closed manually if the interface or foreground app especially games become sluggish....

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