Inwall vs floor standing speakers - Help


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I am trying to get my media room installed during this holiday season, and looking for some help to make a decision:)

As I have 2 toddlers at home, I am thinking inwall - CI4100 KEF as its THX certified to go with acoustic screen, but I am not sure if they will sound better or same ( as floor standing ones - Klipsch 6000F or ML 40I are the ones I liked in the tower section)

CI4100 owners - can you please share your experience. Any regrets?
Please advise - I am going to get a X1600 or X2600H Denon to go with this LR.


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In walls with toddlers at home would be much less of a worry. More of a short term effort, but they'll be hidden away safely. Sorry no idea on how they sound though


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On the tower side - I liked ML 40I and KEF Q750..
but since inwall might be the safest option with kids - I am leaning towards CI4100-QL
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