Invest in Wireless Dongle or Dedicated Streamer


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I have recently purchased a new Panasonic LED TV (can't recall model, but not relevant to this question). It has ability to connect to internet via Viera Portal, but I'd need to purchase a dongle from Panasonic to connect to my wifi.

My question is, would I get more value from paying a bit more and investing in something like a WDTV Live streamer, any pros and cons?


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Don't know what a WDTV Live Streamer is, but remember you can also just buy a Wireless Access Point and then connect the Ethernet cable from TV to the Access Point.

The advantage of doing things this way is that one access point can be shared between four different devices. As it stands, I have TV, Bluray and Freeview recorder all needing internet connection in my setup.

I use these guys in Repeater mode. Work well

If they are too geeky for you to setup, post back here and I will assist.

Remember, your panny TV has more than Viera Portal to play with. iPlayer and DLNA networking across the house are also in there. DLNA means access to your photos and videos on your PC.

Ah - now I look at the "live streamer" I would say the answer depends on what you are watching and from where. As DLNA in your TV lets you just watch videos direct from the PC, then the live streamer is not really needed.


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If you are streaming videos from your PC or NAS, the WDTV will ensure better file compatability. Although as far as TVs with built in DLNA go the Vieras are very good, even streaming most mkv files, they are still no match for a dedicated streamer. The Viera DLNA is buggy with my MyBookLive NAS with fast forwarding and rewinding on certain files not working properly and it doesn't like DTS HD soundtracks.


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Well I see this thread has been moved to Streamers section, but I think it was as much about the TV as the streamer.

I went ahead and purchased the WDTV but immediately got totally frustrated with its performance, lack of BBC iplayer without rolling back firmeware was a big turn-off, and it didn't support JPGs from my NAS, telling me this filetype is unsupported!! It has now gone back, and eBuyer are reviewing their description as it clearly states BBC iplayer support included.

I have now purchased a powerline starter kit and so hard wired my Panny TV DLNA direct to router and avoided need to purchase a panny wireless dongle. I am enjoying BBCiplayer plus many other good looking aps (The BBC Sport App is amazing for Olympic coverage with 24 channels in full HD), plus ability to stream media from my NAS, all working perfectly and rock solid. As far as I'm concerned its a clear win for the Panny.
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Weird - it is a TV question. No idea why it has been lost in streamers now. I guess the mod only skim read it.

The streaming ability of the Panny TV is excellent. I used to use a PC connected to the TV for watching back digital video. Now that PC is back on the other side of the house. Perfect.

And so simple, even my Dad is able to use it on his set.


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The Panny 2012 TV's media player is about on par with the WDTV Live for media support (they finally listened after all the complaints), if you had used an earlier generation Panny then your experience may vary as they are some of the worst media players out there so a transcoding capable DLNA server is a must which means running it on a PC.

It's weird the WDTV Live was saying invalid file type on jpg that should not happen, I'm guessing you were using DLNA which causes it's own problems, the Live can read the NAS directly which is generally the best way to go taking DLNA out of the loop.

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