inverto 7000T (UK) replacement fan


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My Inverto's fan is on its last legs, giving a grinding noise at times. I am pretty sure its the fan not the drive, 'coz I thought it must be the drive and replaced it with a spare one that I had. So, I do now enjoy a new drive to the same old grinding noise.

What type of replacement fan can I use?


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reply to self: apparently, this is a regular 50mm fan, 12VDC, with standard motherboard connector. The one in the Inverto is rated 3700rpm, 22dBA. I found a replacement part with similar specs for a few quid (not installed yet).

Another update (to self) in case anyone googles this for advise:
Have now installed the replacement fan, a Rasurbo 50mm quiet cooling fan (22dBA, so same rating as Inverto's original fan). The replacement fan is only 10mm deep and thus fits easily, but comes with a 3-pin standard connector: GND (1), VCC (2) and Sense (3). The Inverto motherboard only supplies a 2-pin connector with GND and VCC, so out comes the soldering iron. Simply leave the replacement fan's sense signal unconnected. Works great, and no more grinding noises.
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