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    Hi, I have had an LG LCD TV Model 37LP1D and a LG DVD Player Model DRT389H for a couple of years now.

    When I connect both via an HDMI cable and set DD to "bitstream" and DTS to "on" on the DVD player, whilst I can enjoy both formats via my surround sound system, the TV does not recognise the audio being sent via the HDMI cable and I get the "invalid audio" message appear in the bottom left hand corner of my TV screen.

    Older models of LG DVD players seemed to recognise that the TV was not capable of receiving DD or DTS signals and would send a "stereo" signal to the TV via HDMI and DD and DTS to my surround sound system via Optical output jack. (SKY HD+ Boxes have this capability)

    I have tried every combination of Audio set ups on both TV and DVD but cannot get rid of the Invalid Audio message when trying to listen to DD or DTS via Surround sound system.

    The only way I seem to be able to stop the message appearing when using an HDMI connection is if I set DD to "PCM" and DTS to "off" on the DVD player. This is obviously not what I want as I do not get DD or DTS from the DVD player to my surround sound system.

    I have had to connect the TV and DVD player via "Component Connection" to be able to listen to DD and DTS via surround sound system and avoid the message on the TV screen. Again this is not what I would expect as I can only view video in 576p and not 1080i (limit for my TV) as expected when using HDMI connection.

    Any ideas on how I can resolve this will be most welcome. :lease:

    PS I am thinking about upgrading to 3D and am looking at an LG 47 LX9900 TV and an LG BX 580 3D Blu-Ray player and obviously do not want to experience a similar problem when I get them out of the boxes. If anyone has experience of either of these two models, their feedback would again be most welcome.

    Best Regards

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