Introduce your friends to PSVR but in the right way


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Hey guys, I think it helps this niche sector to grow by inviting our friends (well, those we trust!) around to try out our PSVR headsets to spread the awesomeness of VR. Two of my friends, who were initially sceptical, bought it after they played on my PSVR. Both never thought VR was this far advanced.

BUT do so the right way, not just to excite them but to also avoid them breaking or damaging your headset!

This is from my experience, do add any more advice you can think of.

1. IPD Adjustment. Before putting the headset on, maximise their enjoyment by setting the headset IPD to their own measurement. It turned out one of my friends, was finding the visuals were giving him discomfort and eyestrain. I suspected that he has a different IPD (interpupillary distance). Sure enough, turned out his IPD measured 6.4 (mine is 6.7) and this made a whole big difference to his enjoyment. After adjustment, he then started going whoaa, this is awesome etc!

TO change the IPD, go into Settings->Devices->PSVR->Measure Eye to Eye Distance

There is actually more I want to say about the IPD as the built in measurement is not always that accurate so this link shows a way to measure more accurately and then manually entering

2. Make sure they put the headset on properly so that they have proper focus in the sweetspot centre. Have the visor pulled out all the way as halo is position on the head, tighten back adjustment, then draw the visor in as close as comfortably possible. Adjust for clear sweetspot in display.

3. Warn them at the beginning NOT to clean the lenses if fogged up. Do this yourself if necessary. I have to add this because my friend was enjoying Racket Fury and then he took the headset off and started to clean the lens with his shirt, much to my horror! Educate them that all lens based devices such as spectacles, telescope eyepieces, VR headsets, binoculars etc have special coating on the lenses and that cleaning them with shirt or clothing can remove the coating and scratch the lenses. Use lint cloth and if there is stubborn grime, I would use a special lens cleaning solution by Baader that I use for my telescope eyepieces (I never had to use that myself but if it ever did, that's what I recommend)

4. Have the cable hung behind their back, looped from the left side of them from the console, giving much better cable-less contact freedom.

5. Ideally use your home theatre speakers so you can communicate to them and guide them. If they use headphones they can get carried away and make it more difficult to control their swaying hands and movement.

6. Orientation: Give them a physical anchor behind them such as the edge of a table or the sofa so they can feel for it with the lower leg. Be their guidance if you see them moving away too much from the main spot because remember, you are more use to your room environment, not them.

7. Prepare and rehearse your games demonstrations before they come and tailor them to your friends' taste as best as you can guess. For example one of my friends loves COD style gaming, so I made sure he tried out my Aim controller FPS and shooting games at the time such as Bravo team and Farpoint (I didn't have Operation Warcade and Firewall Zero Hour back then, wish I did!). But he loved what he played and that alone was enough to convince him in buying one. My other friend on the other hand is a hardcore retro arcade gamer with a collection of old consoles going back to the Sinclair Spectrum 48k. So I made sure he played my Sega Mega Drive Collection (which is fully playable in VR) and Operation Warcade. But we also play table tennis together so I made sure he also played Racket Fury and that was the golden nugget for him.

So show them games you think they would love even if they don't excite you!

If time is restricted, prioritise the most impactful. Play the games yourself as if you are experiencing for the first time so you know which parts of the game to jump to straight away. For instance if showing off Farpoint, select a later chapter that offers more impressive action off the bat and scenery.

8. Make sure to have your AIm Controller fully charged. Drifting can happen when Aim Controller charge is half way down or lower.

9. Make sure they strap those Move Controllers on their wrists.

10. If convenient, set up a cool fan to avoid headset fogging up for them.
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Throw them straight in the cockpit of Ace Combat and watch em puke lol !


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Put on something scary and video their reactions :smashin: Rush of Blood, RE7, The Persistence etc.
Upload to Youtub, job done.



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IPD definitely can make a difference. I presume it doesn't remember different settings (unless you setup a different user account for each person? Otherwise you'll have to go in and manually change it if there is someone with very different eyes.


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IPD definitely can make a difference. I presume it doesn't remember different settings (unless you setup a different user account for each person? Otherwise you'll have to go in and manually change it if there is someone with very different eyes.

Yeah, unfortunately it doesnt store previous IPD measurements so have to manually set back to your IPD by going through the same measuring process. But its a quick process and worth the slightly extra hassle to have your friends trying out your headset.

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