Intravenous antibiotics. Anyone had these side effects?

Bill Hicks

Hi all.

I came out of hospital yesterday afternoon after spending 2 nights on a ward being treated for Diverticulitis. This treatment consisted of 2 types of intravenous administered antibiotics four times a day.
I've noticed since coming home of a weird dizziness when walking and mild cold/flu like feelings, especially feeling cold.

Has anyone else had IV administered antibiotics and had similar side effects?

One of the drugs I was being treated with was Metronidazole. The other I'm not sure what it was called.

Many thanks. :)


Well after having a lot of drugs pumped into you to treat the Diverticulitis I would expect you to have some sort of "weird" or "not quite right" feeling.

You body has been through a lot and is fighting off the infection with help from the antibiotics.

Personally I would just ask my doc to see if it is normal and try not to worry about it.

Good luck and hope you make a full and swift recovery!


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If the infection was serious (if they had to give you iv antibiotics instead of pills i expect it was pretty bad) feeling cold and dizzy is pretty normal as the body fights it off- especially if it got into your blood.

I'd speak to the doctor just to be on the safe side, when i had metronidazole they made a point of saying it can interact with your nervous system in such a way you might feel worse and if this was the case to make sure you let them know, I wouldnt worry (easier said than done I know :)) and would speak to the doctor in the morning

Citizen J

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Do you suffer from crohn's disease? I have been on Metronidazole before and it is quite strong and can deliver some of the systems you are stating. I would speak to the doctor to get his advice but in the meantime when you take this medication make sure you take it with plenty of water as this makes a signficant difference.

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