Interview with Solomon Kane writer & director Michael Bassett

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  1. Kane, the rain, the pain, the gain. And Purefoy.
  2. Kane, the violence. And a pig.
  3. Kane, the accent, the cast, the funding. And some phone calls.
  4. Kane, the religion, the sequels, the internet expectation and reception. And a stick.
  5. Kane, the effects, the Balrog and Van Helsing.
  6. Kane, the cinematography, the sound and putting them together.
  7. Kane, the script, the score and the credits.
  8. Kane... actually no, in this final video we ask about the writer and director, Michael Bassett. And the movie industry.
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Stuart Wright

AVForums Founder
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And that wraps up our series of videos covering Solomon Kane.

Stuart Wright

AVForums Founder
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Is there suppose to be more videos than the one above?

Edit - found them linked in the above video :)

The video above is actually a playlist. All 8 videos are available within the above by clicking the icon between the play button and the progress bar.


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ha ha pieces of 8 much better than just the two I original thought were there ... great interview thanks again.

A good cup of tea !!! I will start practising !!

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