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Just read this regarding the Panasonic EX75 on the Panasonic website:

'The Power of HDMI
You can convert other non-HD signals, such as JPEGs from your SD card, to HD level for playback with improved picture quality.

High definition (10801 720p) Up conversion with HDMI
Note: Picture improvement may not be noticeable on smaller screen sizes.'

Now please dont slate me for posting this cos i am a novice when it comes to dvd upscaling and HDMI in general. Does this mean that if you play Sky SD through the dvd player it will upscale?

I am getting a HD tv tomorrow and also the Sony HXD860 (Sky HD is on order but no confirmed installation date yet).
Will the Sony 860 also upscale non-HD signals?
How should i connect it to the TV?
Does the PQ improve dramatically or is it just a gimmick?

Never thought this was possible before but its amazing what i have learnt by reading thru this forum over the last few weeks.
Please answer these questions for me if possible.


PS In the quote taken from Panasonic website the 10801 mistake is theirs not a typo by me...tut tut tut!


Well - as you'd expect - there is some fibbing going on [ from a commercial organisation? Whatever next!]

'High definition (10801 720p) Up conversion with HDMI'

If it were actually possible to upconvert to High definition .. then obviously there would be no point or need in actually developing High definition.

I could also take a photograph and cut it up into more lines.. but it could never have more definition than it started with.

Up conversion is fakery. The best one might hope for is that there would be some subjective improvement.
Equally there is as much likelihood that effects from the upscaling process would make the picture look worse. It does to some eyes.

That said, static images such as JPEG's are likely to look better than moving images.

Yes it's a gimmick

Incidentally ... if you are getting an HDTV your TV upsscales internally in any case - to its native resolution ... which will always give the best result.

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