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Have a desktop pc in my workshop. Its about 50m from my house where the internet modem is. How can i get a signal to travel to my pc from the modem without laying a cable? To allow me to access the net from my workshop. What kit is available? Paul.


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I take it there is mains power (a) where your router is and (b) where your PC is and that they both run off the same household feed. If yes then - assuming WiFi doesn't work at that distance - you could use PowerLine adaptors. These involve
- a pair of special "plugs" that you connect to the mains at each end
- with an EtherNet connection at each end - to the router and to the PC
and they "transmit" Ethernet signals over the mains wiring.

Example (not a specific recommendation)
Amazon product
(starter kit is all you need, comes with Ethernet cables)

or for claimed better performance two of:
Amazon product

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I'll bump this thread, saving creating a new one

Firstly, I'm useless when it comes to computers, so please be patient ;)

I have VM BB in one room, no problems with BB, however, in another room I have a desktop PC (Dell Inspiron 530)

I'm unable to connect to the internet on the Dell PC, when I click on the "connect to internet" icon the PC is not showing any available networks

I've purchased and installed a mini wireless adaptor: tp-link, model TL-WN832N

Yet, I'm still unable to connet to the internet,

Anyone have suggestions please?


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Adapters like that with tiny aerials and pretty old tech often work less well than most other devices so if the room is far away from the router it may just be that the signal there can't be picked up, even if more modern devices like a typical phone will work.

Can you move the PC closer to the router or the router closer to the PC (it doesn't need to be connected to the internet) and see if the network shows up then?


Thanks for your advice EW, I've moved the PC into the same room but the PC is still not picking up any BB
It sounds like a problem with the PC wifi then. Assuming other devices see and connect to the same SSID wherever the PC is.

firstly right click on the internet icon and choose network connection troubleshooting. Or through settings and network settings where the troubleshooter can be run from too.

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Hi there OOTK

Thanks, this is the message:

Windows network diagnostics

A cable is not plugged into the network adaptor, local area connection

Plug a cable into the network adaptor

AS I mentioned, I'm useless with technology, I wonder if the network adaptor that I've purchased should be plugged into the rear of the tower, at the moment, it's pullged onto a usb slot at the front


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Wondering if WiFi drivers aren't installed or not working. Unless you are in the middle of nowhere you should at least see your neighbours WiFi

As mentioned above, that particular USB adapter is a bit old.

If you get a AX200 or AX210 based adaptor they are pretty good.

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Cheers oneman, your spot on, I'm getting a message on the screen drivers require installing, but I can't get onto the internet to download them

I'm at a loss what wifi adaptor to get, oh, btw, no, it's not picking up "any" wifi hotspots


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You can download the drivers on another PC and transfer to USB or connect to the router by a cable until you can get the drivers installed.

Which OS are you using ?


I have found front USB slots to be unreliable when plugging in certain things. I always try one at the back of the thing isn’t recognised at all in the front slots.

I don’t think there is a wifi dongle that Windows wouldn’t have a basic driver for. If it is recognised in the USB slot I would expect Windows to supply driver to get it going. Then go online to download specific software/drivers from the manufacturer.


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It the right chip but the card you linked is a M.2 adaptor which I suspect you don't have on your motherboard.

If you get a PCIe version that should be fine, I see the Inspiron 530 has a 1x slot available.

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I maybe making some progress, I've reinsterd the MS vista disc, still unable to connect to the internet.

I wonder if the issue is to do with sharing and discovery > network discovery icon is in the off position, I've select the turn on button > apply, but the off icon is remaining in the off position

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