Internet Speed and on 3rd router


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Hello All

I am on the Virgin Media 10mb broadband and as most people do use wireless connection.

I keep getting eratic internet speeds - keep checking the speed with the 'reccomended' speed testers and often get a test of 1mb then test again straight after get a 5mb then test again straigt after and get a lower speed again

I have spoken to VM who insist that the fault is at my end.

I have done all the router updates ( belkin N series) and done all the windows updates / scanned for spyware etc.

Today I threw my toys out of the pram and brought a netgear router and guess what ..... I have the same problem

This happens with just my laptop connected so god only knows how slow it gets when the kids (3) are online or on the ps3

Any suggestions ?



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Just to be sure that it is your end can you try the following

Plug a laptop DIRECTLY into your VM cable modem.

Once you are on the web then run the speed checker - such as
My Broadband Speed - Broadband Speed Tester

If your speed sill varies then the problem is with VM - if the speed is more stable then the problem is at your end.


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