internet problems when connected to wireless and ethernet simultaneously


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Hi guys,

sorry about the cryptic title but basically my problem is as follows:
I have an internet connection that use at work via an ethernet cable whilst I have a wireless router connected to a printer (and not the internet) which we use as a print server. Problem is that when the wireless is switched on the internet stops working and as soon as I switch it off the internet works.

I know it is because when the wireless is on it is 'defaulting' to that connection for its internet access is there anyway of making the ethernet connection the 'default' connection?

thanks in advance


Just configure your PC with a static IP address, this way it won't keep getting a DHCP-assigned IP address from your wireless router and disrupting internet access.

If you want to surf the net AND print to the wireless printer then you'll need to make sure the printer is allocated an IP address that is on the same subnet as your PC.


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Thanks for your reply. there IP address is fine, it doesnt keep dropping out both network cards get allocated IPs and they stay there fine, both connections are stable it's just that once wireless is connected the ethernet connection is essentially ignored.
Another problem is that they are different subnets, so I cannot set for example as it is in the format something like for the wire and for the wireless


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Just for completeness and incase anybody else ever stumbles across this thread I solved the problem by clicking start...connect all connections
You then click on advanced ......advanced settings and then move the LAN connection to the top of the list to ensure it is accessed first or the wireless to the top if you want that access first


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