Internet go slow today, whats up?

Discussion in 'Sky Broadband' started by TVrepairman000, Jan 19, 2008.

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    I have Sky 16Mb broadband package, and up till today have had no problem with it.

    However today any internet page seems to be very slow indeed like 3 mins to actually load webpage, and most of the time comes back and says "page cannot be displayed" all 7 of my PC are like this as well so not PC issue.

    Rebooted router (the sky netgear one they sent me) and it made no differancr, i even hacked the router and got my username and password from it and stuck in my spare D-link router just to check but still had the same slow loading webpages if they loaded at all.

    Worst sites seem to be ebay, hotmail, took ages to get to here avforums.

    I live within 20 meters of my BT exchange so there is no issue with line usually pull very very very fast bandwidth on downloads ect, no work being done today or so the BT engineers I talk to told me, but today I pull bugger all.

    Does anyone know if any work is being done to the backbone or any overseas lines??:lease:

    Also another question related to possible broardband issue, my mate has 2 pc one with Win Vista home and the other With XP Proff.

    He has a Talk Talk broardband package and the router they supplied him with but when he tries to access his hotmail account he logs in and all he gets is a blank page that says DONE.:(

    We thought XP could be duff so I reloared XP Proff from scratch with all service packs and updates back on PC for him, so he now has a nice clean install this however made no differance to the hotmail login issue, it still says DONE and blank page.:(

    This is also an issue on, when anything is addes to shopping basket a blank page comes up and says DONE

    There is no firewall enabled on the router or PC and no anti virus software on PC.

    What is strange is that if I take his XP proff PC home with me the hotmail login works 100% I am with SKY brordband.:rolleyes:

    If I take my XP laptop round his house and try hotmail login there I get the blank Done page so we have RULED OUT the XP PC's:suicide:

    What is also strange is that his other Windows Vista PC works 100% fine with loging in to hotmail on his talk talk router and brordband, what the :censored: going on here.:confused:

    It seems to be an issue with Talk Talk router / broardband and Windows XP, has anybody had this issue and have they solved it?



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