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When using IE I find that when I go back to a previous page I have just looked at it always reloads, surely it should be in the cookies so should come at once without reloading.
is this correct? my cookies are set to medium, I have tried them on low and it made no differance.

Any ideas?


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Its the website that uses your previously stored cookies - not IE.

IE keeps history and the history is linked to the temporary internet files folder.

If you use a internet connection of 512k or higher then I would suggest setting your Temporary Internet File storage to 1mb and the "check for newer versions of stored pages" to Automatic.

Keeping the Temporary Internet File to 1mb will allow the following:

Antivirus system scans finish quicker,
Defragmentation is less and defragging your HD is much quicker,
When using an imaging program like GHOST it takes up much less space.

If your temporary internet folder is too big ie >500mb then windows takes even longer to look through its records for the corresponding site and date checking to see if the page is upto date.


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Thanks drummerjohn your a star :D
I use tiscali's 150k broadand, and now i have set the temp internet files to 1mb it is showing previously looked at pages instantly.

Thanks again

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