internet connection for starwars battlefield


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I am getting my first console since the 80's.
I have the ps4 starwars combo for crimbo.
My connection speed is 3.45 when my two daughters are on the ipad/ipod via wireless
so connection speed download 3.45
upspeed 68mbps
ping 62
via wireless. will this be enough to play the game ok?
cheers for any replies


A download speed of 3.45Mbps will be sufficient to play online. Heck with games nowadays like COD supposedly penalising people with fast connections you're probably better off with that speed!


No problem at all. I was only getting 3Mbps up until about 5 years ago when I moved onto 70Mbps. I've never noticed any performance improvement when it comes to actually playing games online.

The only real downside for you on that speed is that, given most current games are around 40-50Gb in size, it'll likely take you a good few hours at the very least to install it so if you can upgrade your broadband to get faster speeds I'd certainly consider it.


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I used to play COD / BF on 1.5mbps & could hold my own.
One tip I would give is be aware of any updates being released. There was nothing worse than wanting to jump online for an hour to be faced with a 2gb update was required and would take 4 hours. I've got 19mbps now and I still haven't learnt to put the PS4 in standby in advance but last nights 3gb update only took 45 minutes.

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