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Right i have the 360 but its away up in another room so what i want to know is which is the best way to get it best to:

use the wireless adaptor but will this not be laggy. or run a ethernet cable straight up the stairs( a long way) will this make it laggy also that its running along way. or i can buy a new modem and run the coax cable straight up the stairs and ive got another modem then connect this way. which will be best and give me the fastest connection.


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Theoretically there shouldnt be any lag with either. A wireless network should provide decent speeds of around 30mbps. Claimed rates of the standard of 54mbps are rarely acheived, I base this on my sons laptop which is 15ft away from our speedtouch router and this acheives on average 24mbps. His XBOX 360 is connected with a 12mtr cable directly to the router, now this should provide 100mbps, theoreticaly. He does tell me that he experiences system lag regularly though. I believe this is the problem at microsofts servers which is dependant on the amount of traffic on the system.

Personaly I would go for the cheapest option, I am from upnorth after all. :D Our cable for his XBOX came from
maplins and cost around 14quid I think, tried PC World £33 :eek:


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Cat5 cable wont make it laggy unless you need a run of over 100meters.

Wireless may have some issues depending on signal strength. It varies so much depending on the building it's in it is impossible to say.

Either cable or wireless is running considerably quicker than your internet connection anyway. If you already have a wireless router downstairs see if there is any way of running a wireless laptop where you intend to put the 360 (borrow one etc). Have a look at the signal strength and that will give you a good indication if you will get any problems.

BTW: you can get weatherproof cat5 cable to run outside too.

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