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Just got a PSP and all seems to be working fine including getting movies onto the memory stick.

The only thing I can't seem to do is get online with it.

Now bear in mind I'm a complete novice. I seem to get a connection via games (although couldn't find anybody else playing) its trying to browse normally. I get to the WLAN scan page the can't seem to get further than the ssid screen when close to a wifi point.

The only time I've got in is through somebodies private router with no security!!!! so its working I'm just doing something wrong.

Can somebody give me an idiots guide as from the PSP screen I'm not sure what else to do.

I've got firmware V 2.0.



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Most routers have WEP or WPA security. Basically it's a hex password. If you don't know it, you can't get on. WEP seems to work across the board with PSPs. WPA is touch and go. Use a WEP first and it should work.


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Thanks for the replies, I'm not trying to connect through my own router (I don't have one yet).

I want to connect when out and about via WiFi hotspots.

I thought you should just be able to scan and connect but presumably there's more to it.

Can anyone explain how to go about it, surely you don't need a password for each hotspot.

Thanks again.


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You should be able to scan and connect to public hotspots. Make sure the connection type isn't Ad-Hoc. Also, you have to save the settings before you connect, and move left/right to change settings.

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