Internet access on mobile phones.


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P800, P900, handspring trio wozzisname.

Some of the non-PDAesque phones are now doing proper html browsers as opposed to WAP browsers now, don't know which ones though.


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a phone like the Sony E T610 (free with £25 a month sub & cashback from some places) + a bluetooth enabled PDA (£200 ish)- Orange do a service for £4 a month that will let you get a moderate amount of surfing (3mb). this service doesn't eefect your free minutes


You could just download Opera Browser for any of the current smartphones (7650,3650. 3660, 6600, P800, P900 and SX1) which would allow you access to the internet @ GPRS connection and also resizes the web page to fit youir screen.


Theres also The Orange SPV, SPV E100, and the SPV E200. Theres also the SPV m1000, very much like the XDA2, but it's only availible to business users.


I have a moto mpx200, has full pop3 email and internet access. Internet explorer is as good a your going to get on a mobile, some pages don't resize which is a pain, web pages with frames won't work. If you just want to do normal browsing then its fine.

I've heard that the Sony P900 with the Oprea browser is supposed to be the dogs, much easier to surf with as well. It depends on weather your going to put form over function.

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