Internally cleaning a wharfedale 750 lens. Anyone help?

Rambo John J

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I've been having problems with my antique wharfedale intermitently not recognising discs and refusing to load them. A regular once over with a cleaning disc doesn't help and I've heard that all it needs an internal dusting to remedy the problem.
Anyone know how to, or should I just entrust it to a professional? I'm not particularly keen on paying a guy fifty or sixty pounds for a couple of minutes work, so if I can do it myself that'd be nice.

Any help would be appreciated


You can get CD lens cleaner, make sure you can use them on DVD players first I think you can, may be that's all it needs.


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Try an ear bud and 100% rubbing alcohol, available from all pharmacists and good moonshine dealers.


If you are going to clean the lens it is best not to use any type of solvent or alcohol as the lens cover is plastic and can be damaged, just get a cotton bud and clean with water.
It's more likley the problem is with the slides that the lens assembly runs on as the grease thickens or gets contaminated with dust etc which makes it harder for the assembly to move.
You should be able to find someone near you that can service it for about £20 if you find the prospect of doing it yourself too daunting.

Rambo John J

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It was simple enough to clean the lens, and it plays everything that it wouldn't before, so at a guess I'd say it was sorted.

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