Internal or external HDD for PS3 Yellow Dog Linux


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My first thoughts are to bang as big a internal HDD as I can. However this has cost implications - a 500gb 2.5" 5400 drive is expensive (£/GB) compared to an extrenal 500gb 3.5" drive.

My other concern is the partition size - does it have to be 10GB xmb / rest to Linux or vice versa? If so, would it make sense to keep the internal at 80gb, set 70gb to xmb and run a cheap 500gb external for file storage. This would give me 70gb xmb / 510 gb linux wheras if I installed an internal it would cost more and I'd have 490gb Linux / 10gb xmb. I've curently got more than 10gb of downloaded demos, if we threw a game like Burnout Paradise into the mix....not enough room. Conclusion - I NEED more than 10gb for XMB.

KEY QUESTION: Does YDL recognise an external drive (I'm guessing yes) and is there anything I cannot do off an external drive - i.e. will it boot aplications, emulators etc from external, or at least allow a location for roms off the external.

Using external (will linux recognise any file structure? ) will also allow me to transfer files quickley. Can I transfer wirelessly from my laptop to an external drive in YDL / XMB?

One final question about devices such as keyboards, does it matter between wireless and bluetooth? And does pretty much any keyboard work (do I need drivers in linux / how does the ps3 itself handle it?)

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