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Intermittent stuck pixel

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by Travino, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Travino


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    Guidance needed :rolleyes:
    I bought a Thomson WS420BS prior to last Xmas and a 5 weeks ago I discovered a single pixel near the middle of the screen which seems to stay blue when certain colours are displayed in the surrounding area.
    To be honest you cant see it when sat more than say 4+ feet away and for the most part you would never know its there, I called Comet from where we bought it and they say it will have to be replaced by a similiar make and price as they dont stock that model anymore.
    Seeing as its original price was £2799 and we got it for £1999 as it was end of line and ex display, I dont know weather to let it go or not based on that 1 pixel issue and also they have a limted range at the local store.
    Thing is from most of the current plasma's Ive seen for sub 2K dont appear to be near the same spec as the Thomson that I have, am I wrong, should I go for another screen.
    Would you live with a slightly stuck pixel that you can only see when looking from 2 foot away?
    I can live with it, I am just a little worried in case it could be a more serious issue with more pixels dying in the future.

    All comments welcome guys.
  2. Waser

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    Mar 1, 2004
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    Purley, Surrey
    Only one stuck pixel seems acceptable to me given how many stuck pixels can appear on an LCD. A friend of mine has quite a few and given that you can't see them at normal viewing distance he's not too bothered.

    But everyone's different if it really bugs you go for an exchange. Personally if it doesn't impact the enjoyment of the TV I wouldn't be too worried.

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