Intermittent starting problem


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I have a 2003 laguna 1.9dci .In the past 6 weeks it has displayed a engine stop light before starting.Both times i have been able to start by taking the card out a few times then trying again.The light has not come on when driving.I have rung my local Renault dealer who want £88 +vat,just to plug it in to a diagnostic machine.I was wondering if there are non franchised Renault specialists who can do the same thing but with lower labour costs.I mean £88[1 hour] to plug and read faults is silly.


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I had a very similar problem with my motor a couple of months back.
There are other places, but they need to have very specific pieces of kit and software and they're hard to locate.
I actually joined a website that specialises in these sort of people getting together and discussing problems.
Unfortunately, after a HDD problem, I lost all my "favourites" and "bookmarks" and can't think for the life of me, what the site was called :(

Another option may be to buy a box that can read the fault codes that your motor's computer outputs, so you can diagnose the fault yourself.
Gunson do such a box, but I'm not sure if it's suitable in your case.
Another one to look for is "blink codes".

A couple of things to research, anyway :smashin:

Meanwhile, I'll rack my brains and if I do remember, I'll let you know.


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Not the place I was thinking of, but might prove useful :smashin:

Actually, I've just trawled 2500 of my deleted mails :(
and found the site :thumbsup:

You may have register, but it's well worth a look.
The fault might be a common one.
I'm going to have a nose to see if I can find anything :)


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2 common things come through, having had a nose.

First is heater plugs and the second is the starter motor gear getting covered in oil, which indicates it may be a crankshaft/camshaft out of synch sensor problem.

The diag box is stupid amounts, so that's out the window :thumbsdow

The heater plugs are fairly easy to do and will cost at a guess about £50.
But it might not cure the problem.
The other possible problem would probably be similar cost.

Point is, it's a guessing game and IMO, you might as well just lay out the dough.

If you do find someone else, I doubt it would be much cheaper anyway.
And even then, they may have the kit but not the knowledge that Renault do.

Unfortunately, it seems even Renault can be pretty clueless, sometimes.

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