Intermittent sound problems


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I have an old JVC CRT flatscreen TV with SCART connection to my freeview box (Wharfdale DV832B) which is fed directly from the aerial (no Amplifiers). I live in North Somerset but cannot receive Mendip transmissions so have to receive from Wenvoe!

About a month ago I started to get intermittent sound, it stops completely for between 1 to 5 seconds, irregularly but sometimes up to 4 times an hour.

I have an almost 100% signal strength and thought it was only on BBC1 but have also noticed it on ITV1. I have tried different inputs to the TV, and also fitted an audio output from the scart on the box to a hifi system, but that also lost audio, so I assumed it was the box.

Just went and bought a cheapo Digilogic box from TJ Hughes to eliminate the Wharfdale and it too has the same symptoms!!

Any practical advice (other than take the crappy Digilogic box back which I am going to do as its diabolical)?



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If the picture is Ok then I would look at the Scart cable first as it carries the video and audio separately.


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I cannot remember if I have done that (I thought I had), I will do it again though.

Nothing is impossible, but after many years in electronics, I have not seen cables producing this sort of symptom. I have tried "massaging" the cable/connector without re-generating the fault!

I just hope it is the cable. :smashin:

I will post result.


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