Intermittent sound problem - activity delay with my AVR?

Discussion in 'Home Entertainment Computers' started by ytrebil, Jan 9, 2012.

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    Hi guys,

    For some reason when no sound is being output to my AVR it goes on to what seems standby (but it's not!). To try and explain things better, if I double click to open a folder on Windows there is the default Windows 'click', however, the first time I click it, the sound doesn't come out, but if I quickly hit another folder (or back button) whilst the AVR is still 'open' to receiving a signal I get the sound.

    On the front of my AVR I have what the right channel is (Video 1 in this circumstance), the fact its Digital (using Optical) and it says PCM next to it.

    If I get Windows to make a sound, the Pro Logic stuff with the selected speakers flashes up but no sound comes out for maybe a split second (if I start a song for example) until the AVR kicks in.

    This also happens on my Xbox.

    It's odd as it's only recently started doing this.

    Both my Xbox and my PC using a TOSLink cable - it's odd - like the AVR is not aware all the time of a signal, almost like a power saving mode?

    Sorry if this is AVR specific/wrong section - it's just driving me nuts. :)


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