Intermittent Picture/Sound Loss


I bought an LG TV yesterday... LG - 49UM7050PLF 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV ... and watched it for a short period late last night .
Today I was watching it for a much longer period and noticed throught the day there were occasions when the picture and sound

disappeared for extremely short periods ( much less than a second ) and then they returned. The TV it replaced and also another TV I have
in another room ( used while waiting for the new one) did not exhibit this "fault"

The new TV is connected by a HDMI cable from a Sky Box ,I have contacted the retailers and getting it replaced won't be a problem if the source of the problem cannot be found by me ( which is unlikely) . I will check all connections etc but I think I read that using electrical extension leads for TVs wasn't a good idea but I can't say I have experienced any problem with them before .
Anyone any ideas before I return the set . .


Well I don't know what I have done but the problem has been solved. I firstly switched the power supply and the HDMI cable to a second samsung TV I have and it gave a slight indication of these symptons but almost unoticeable.I then reconnected the new LG tv and did a Planner Rebuild on the Sky Box.When that was complete I put the new tv on and since then ( several hours) there has been no issues so it seems likely the rebuild has fixed the problem....but why?
I have a seperate question about headphone socket/bluetooth headphones but I'll put that in another post.


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I'd suggest the HDMI cable between the SKY box and your TV as being a potential culprit. Try a different cable, preferably one with a good reputation for reliability.

Signal dropouts are more often than not due to the HDMI cable or cables being used. You often get different results relative to these cables depending upon the hardware you are using. A cable that doesn;t display issues within one setup can become problematic in another.

Also note that the quality of HDMI cables isn't determined by what you pay for one and some of the best regarded cables are in fact also some of the cheapest.

Also note that if only experiencing this behaviour in association with your SKY box then you cannot rule out the possibility that the issue was with that box or the SKY broadcasts it was receiving?


Just before reading your replay I swivelled the TV round on its stand and the picture disappeared for a second so I looked out a different HDMI cable and swapped it over and so far so good. Thx for the suggestion.

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